GP Minute Offer 2023 | GP All Latest Minute Pack 2023 | Mr. Daily Tech



GP Minute Offer 2023 | GP All Latest Minute Pack 2023 | Mr. Daily Tech

GP Minute Offer 2023

Today, I’ll review the amazing GP Minute Offer 2023. GP has been updating its website to showcase brand new minute deals for 2023. They have created new offers for minutes within this package. These offers can be enjoyed by any GP customers with prepaid accounts.

The most attractive GP minute offer 2023 will be waiting to welcome you. GP minutes bundle and GP minute bundle are included within the GP minutes offers list. In this article, you can download the most recent GP minutes pack offered by Grameenphone. The well-known mobile network has all-time announced different types of minutes for their loyal customers. If you’re a member on Grameenphone then you can avail these GP minutes with ease.

GP Minute Offer 2023

We first listed the entire GP minute offer 2023 into an orderly table for simple understanding. In the table below, we have listed the latest GP minute packages very clearly. You can pick your preferred GP minute package easily.

GP Minute Offer

GP Minute Price in (BDT) Activation Code                              Validity

  1.  10                      6  Tk                       *121*4024#                          6Hours    
  2. 21                           14 Tk                        *121*4001#                        16 Hours
  3. 25                        16 Tk               *121*4207#                           1 Day
  4. 37                        24 Tk               *121*4002#                           1 Day
  5. 67                        44 Tk              *121*4003#                          4 Days
  6. 77 + 50 SMS       53 Tk              *121*4004#                          7 Days
  7. 90                       59 Tk              *121*4205#                         7 Days
  8. 120                       78 Tk                   *121*4026#                         7 Days
  9. 160                       99 Tk              *121*4006#                         7 Days
  10. 190                       117 Tk                      *121*4007#                         10 Days
  11. 310                       199 Tk              *121*4018#                        30 Days
  12. 350                       233 Tk             *121*4008#                        15 Days
  13. 480                      298 Tk             *121*5074#                        15 Days
  14. 500                      307 Tk             *121*4208#                        30 Days

GP 10 Minute Offer

GP 10 minutes offer is a highly sought-after shortcut minute bundle offered that is offered by the GP network. The real worth for this GP minute package includes 6 Taka. The expiry date of this minipack is six hours. It is an emergency minute pack. The code to dial for buying this particular minute package can be found as *121*4024#. This minute quantity by dialing any local number.

GP 10 minute code: *121*4024#

GP All Latest Minute Pack 2023 

  • GP 500 Minute Offer 2023 | GP 500 Minute Pack
  • GP 10 Minute Offer | GP 10 Minute Pack
  • GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code | jipi SMS aphaar
  • GP 20 Minute Offer | New Activation Code

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GP 21 Minute Pack

The GP customers can avail the GP 21-minute package of talk time at only 14 Taka. Do you want to take advantage of this deal? You can however benefit from the 21-minute deal. This package is the best GP minute deal available in GP minutes 2023. If you’re interested in the package, then you should consider it. Contact *121*4001# to avail of this deal. The offer lasts for 16 hours.

GP 21 minute code: *121*4001#

GP 25 Minute Offer

The GP 25 minutes offer is a smaller and less expensive daily minute package from GP. With this offer, you can get 25 minutes for just 16 Taka. The expiry time is available 24 hours a day. It is now possible to purchase this GP minute by using the regular USSD dial code*121*4207#.

GP 25 minute code: *121*4207#

37 Minute 24 Tk GP

GP 37 Minute bundle is a tiny package. You can purchase the GP minutes through FlexPlan and by calling your USSD code. This is a mini-pack. The price for this mini pack of 24 Tk. The time for a 37-minute call on the GP is just 24 Taka. To get the GP minute offer in 2023 simply dial *121*4002#. This offer is valid for 37 minutes for all hours of the day.

GP 37 minute code: *121*4002#

GP 67 Minute 44 Tk Offer

You can buy this GP deal for 67 minutes. These are the most convenient ways to avail of deals on GP Minutes. Just 44 Taka can be purchased for purchase at GP for the duration of 67 minutes. Minutes at the most affordable cost. To start the offer call *121*4003#. The offer expires within 04 days.GP 67 minute code: *121*4003#

GP Minute Package

The Gp minutes package contains the various types of GP minutes that are offered by Grameenphone to all of its customers in the GP minute deal 2023. The following offers are available:

77 Minute & 50 SMS Pack

GP 70 minute plus 50 SMS pack available to anyone who GP users. In this article, I spoke about the opportunity to purchase GP minutes at a reduced cost. GP provides the opportunity to talk for 77 minutes for 53 Taka and also 50 texts for free. The minutes purchased are available to any operator in the local area. It is possible to dial *121*4004# for the offer of 77 minutes. The expiration date is 7 days.

GP 77 minute code: *121*4004#

GP 90 Minute Offer

It is possible to avail of this GP 90-minute deal from GP New Minute. GP is now offering 90 minutes of talk time at a cost of 60 Taka. Anyone can purchase 90 minutes of this offer. You must however purchase the 90-minute deal at TK 60 plus VAT. To purchase a minutes pack call *121*4005#. The package expires at 07 days.

GP 90 minute code: *121*4005#

GP 100 Minute Code

The Grameenphone has recently launched the 100 minutes bundle in GP minutes in 2023. This is a wonderful number of minutes that everybody will appreciate. This bundle of minutes can be purchased through the Flexi plan. You’ll get 100 minutes for a time period of seven days. To avail of this offer, you will need to use Flexi plans apps. The minute’s pack is available for 7 days.

GP 100 minute code: None

GP 120 Minute Pack 78 Tk

Today, you can purchase GP 120 Minute Pack 78 Tk only. Buy GP Minute Pack at Lowest Price. GP 120 minutes for just 78 Taka. Customers who are GP members can avail themselves of this offer. Contact *121*4026# to purchase minutes. The expiration time is seven days. It can be utilized at any time by any operator in the local area for 7 consecutive days.

GP 120 minute code: *121*4026#

160 Minute Offer GP

160-minute deal GP is a well-loved daily GP minute bundle available for GP minutes in 2023. Grameenphone has released some amazing deals on its official site. These amazing offers are essential and beneficial for you. GP recently launched an all-new GP 160-minute customer package for 99 Taka. If you’d like to purchase the 160 minutes offer for a period of 07 days you can purchase it. 160 minutes, dial *121*4006# in order to receive the offer. This will grant you 160 minutes to call any number of a local operator.

GP 160 minute code: *121*4006#

GP 190 Minutes 117 Tk

The GP offers 190 minutes for each user. GP is now offering the 190 minutes for 117 TK. GP offers the lowest minimum-minute offer. The amount of minutes included in the GP pack is approximately 190 minutes. Contact *121*4007# to take advantage of the deal. It’s a medium-sized GP minutes pack. The GP client gets the GP-Any Local mobile Carrier. The time frame for this deal lasts 10 days.

GP 190 minute code: *121*4007#

GP 300 Minute Offer Now 310 Minutes at 199 TK

The best GP 300-minute offer is now 30 minutes for everyone in GP minute deal 2023. This is an excellent monthly GP minute deal offered by this well-known mobile operator in Bangladesh. If you’d like to buy the monthly minutes bundle, you can call *121*4018#. The price for this package of minutes is 99 Tk. The validity time will last for 30 days.

GP 300 minute code: *121*4018#

GP 350 Minute Offer

Excellent GP 350-minute offer from the Grameenphone. Today GP customers can buy 350 minutes at a price of 233 Taka. You can purchase 350 minutes from any operator in the local area. The offer of 350 minutes was made available via the official GP website. Take advantage of the GP Minute offer by dialing *121*4008#. The validity period will be 15 days. It is the most well-known GP minute pack offered by GP.

GP 350 minute code: *121*4008#

GP 480 Minute Pack

The GP Pack of 480 minutes was put together in a package that is great for you to learn more about. You will be talking to your friends all through the day. For just 298 takas, on the mighty Grameenphone networks, you can get the best 480-minute package. If you’d like to purchase this GP minute package you can purchase it here. It is accessible to all prepaid and postpaid customers. To avail of this GP minute offer in 2023 call *121*5074#. The validity that the GP minutes is fifteen days. It is available within GP as well as in all local operator’s networks.

GP 480 minute code: *121*5074#

GP 500 Minute Offer

The GP 500-minute offer is intended for large volumes of GP minute pack customers. It is actually an offer for all customers who are regular Grameenphone customers. It is possible to purchase this GP Minute bundle for just 307 Taka only. This is monthly GP minute bundle is available. The code to activate this deal will be *121*4208#. This offer is available for any local operator for one whole month.

GP 500 minute code: *121*4208#

GP Minute Check Code

Are you searching for your GP minute code for checking your check? It’s easy to find. GP Minute Check Code can be found as *121*1*2#. Now you can verify your GP minute deal by using this simple code.

Terms & Condition:

  • This campaign will be running until the end of time.
  • The offer is valid for all GP customers.
  • Auto-renew feature available
  • After the expiration (Volume of Validity) of each internet pack, The maximum rate of pay shall be 5.825 Tk (inclusive VAT, SD & SC).
  • The unused data volume will be carried forward if the customer auto-renews the customer buys the same package during the validity period of 30 days.
  • To check your balance on the internet, dial *121*1*4#
  • To cancel your Internet offer, call *121*3041#
  • This offer is not available to Skitto customers.
  • All terms and conditions of the internet pack will be in force here.
  • Monthly bundle subscribers (i.e: MyPlan, Pre to post-migration MNP ports-in) will get 20 percent more data together with the above-mentioned amount of data.